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The TTI Training Facility is located in Crowheart, WY.  It consists of: a 25m 8 lane pistol range; a 100m carbine range; a 800m unknown distance range; a 40' rappel tower; an explosive breaching range; patrolling and movement to contact area; classrooms, pro-shop, rental cabins, on-site camping, bars, stage and much more.  The facility is also available hosting private events, corporate retreats, leadership development, bachelor parties, and venue rentals.

About us

Tactical Training International (TTI) is the commercial training division of Tactical Solutions International, Inc. (TSI). TSI has been providing tactical training, training consultancy, and exercise support for the US DoD, DoS, DHS, local LE and friendly foreign governments since early 2003.


TTI was formed to offer realistic, non-classified training venues to qualified civilians and local Law Enforcement. Our instructional staff are former US Military, Special Operations personnel, and Law Enforcement. All Instructors hold a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience, and professional instructional certifications from multiple organizations.


We offer NRA and USCCA certified training, TTI core instructional courses, and custom training solutions to meet the requirements of our clients.


In addition to our training services, TSI is also a type 7 FFL (manufacturer) w/SOT and builds some of the finest AR platform rifles available. We also provide full service gunsmithing service, NFA sales, tactical equipment and merchandise.

Private Instruction


Most of TTI's instructional courses have a 4 student minimum.  We do offer private instruction as well for either individuals or small groups.  Contact us for more information.





Opening Hours & Rates


TTI's range facilities are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, M-F 8am-6pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, and Sunday 12am-5pm.  We also conduct training in a "Limited Visibility" environment, depending upon the training venue.  Our training course rates vary with the type of course being conducted.  For Range usage, our daily rate is a flat $20 per person plus the costs of targets.

TTI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tactical Solutions International, Inc.

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