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Interested in our Guest Companies? 

To Register for WyoTac Courses, please visit: Courses | website (

WyoTacs Website: Home (

To Register for Lucid Optics Courses, please visit: Lucid Optics | On Target - Under Budget

Lucid Optics Website: Lucid Optics | On Target - Under Budget

To Register for Brushbeater Course, please email: 

Brushbeater website: brushbeater – "once more unto the breach, dear friends…"


To Register for WyoFaction Course, please email: 

WyoFaction Website: Wyo Faction

To Register for Spearpoint Courses, please visit: Course Calendar - Spearpoint Training Group (

Spearpoint Website: Home - Spearpoint Training Group (

To Register for Advanced Accuracy Solution Courses, please visit: Contact Us – AAS LLC (

AAS Website: AAS LLC (

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