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About Us


Brian Bewley CEO/Founder - Brian A. Bewley is a 21-year veteran of the US Army, with 18 of those years assigned to US Army Special Forces. He is a decorated combat veteran who has served in almost every US Theater of operation since the conclusion of the Viet Nam conflict. His military service began at an early age of 17 as an Airborne Infantryman assigned to the 82d Airborne Division’s 325th Airborne Infantry Brigade (White Falcons) where he worked his way up to Rifle Platoon Squad Leader.

Immediately following his honorable retirement from the Special Forces in late 1996, he accepted an advisory contract assignment to the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates where he served as a trainer and advisor for Counter Terrorism, combat diving, VIP Protection and a variety of Special Operations skills. His soldiers were deployed to support various Allied Coalitions such as Somalia and Kosovo where they served with distinction. He departed the United Arab Emirates after a 4-year tour which ended September 2001, two days prior to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, returning to his ranch in Wyoming

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Logan - Logan has been working in Law Enforcement for the past nine years, serving three years on a tactical team. Logan is a certified WLEA Firearms Instructor, POST General Instructor, Rappel Master, CQB Instructor, Explosive Handlers Instructor, Krav Maga Instructor and Night Vision Instructor. He has completed the rigorous Salt Lake City SWAT School, Countermeasures Advanced SWAT Course, PFC's Full Spectrum Operator Course, Kane County Tracking School and holds a certificate from UNLV for Protective Security. Logan has been an instructor for TSI/TTI since 2018. 


Nate - Nate served six years in Army National Guard as an Infantryman, participating in numerous mountain/winter warfare training exercises. In civilian life he has been employed by Tactical Solutions International since 2015 working with and training alongside SOF and Law Enforcement personnel to include overseas contracting in Central Africa. Nate has held the position of Security Manager, Instructor and Operations Manager. 


Trinity - Trinity served four years as an Infantry Rifleman in the United States Marine Corps. On the civilian side, Trinity has been one of our Lead Instructors. Some Certifications Include:

-Recondo Phase 1,2,3 Graduate

-True North Defensive Pistol 1 and 2

-True North Longe Range

-True North Vehicle Engagement

-Straight Jacket Long Range Rifle

-Wyoming Survival Pistol 1 and 2

-Wyoming Survival Rifle 1 and 2

-Wyoming Survival TACCOMS

-Lone Star Medical Range Response

-Tactical medical Phase 1, 2, and 3

-Trauma Medical Phase 1 and 2

-TTI Pistol Level 1 and 2

-TTI Rifle 1 and 2

-Explosive Handler Instructor

-Rappel Master

-SUT Instructor

-Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED

-Stop the Bleed

-NRA Pistol Instructor


-Shivworks ECQC

-Concealed Carry Course

-Brushbeater Scout Rifle Course

- TTI Tactical Tracking Level 1

-Guard 1 (unarmed) and Guard 2 (armed) Certified


Tony - Has been the lead instructor for Wyoming Survival and Tactics for over a decade. He has attended the following classes:

-Scout Course - Brushbeater

-RTO, Advanced RTO, Signal Intelligence - Brushbeater 

-Craig Douglas - ECQC
-Costa Ludus(Vehicle Elements Theory)
-Suarez International(AK Gunfighting, Advanced AK Gunfighting, Team Tactics, Trauma Care for CCW, AK Armors)
-Tactical Response(Fighting Pistol, Fighting Rifle)
-Trident Concepts(Combative Carbine)
-Onpoint Tactical(Basic Scout)
-Fortress: Personal Defense Solutions( Hand to Hand, Spontaneous knife fighting, K2 Combat Method)
-Boulder Outdoor Survival School( 7 Day Primitive Living Skills)
-Kembativz(Sudden Violence Class)
​-Urban Combative seminar
​-Libre Fighting seminar
​-Pat MacNamera(TAPS)
-Tactical Training International(RECONDO Phase 1, RECONDO Phase 2, RECONDO Phase 3, Winter Recondo, Fighting from Vehicles, Rappel Master)
-Core-Vision Training(Structure Assessment)
-Colorado Mountain Man Survival( 5 day Outdoor Survival)
-TYR Group (Small Unit Tactics)

Tony is a Certified NRA Pistol, NRA Rifle, and NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home instructor. 


Austin-Currently Serving in the Army National Guard as an Infantry Team Leader with one overseas deployment. In Civilian life, he has been employed by Tactical Solutions since 2017, working and training with Law Enforcement personnel. Austin has held the position of Security Contractor ranging from unarmed/armed, Executive Protection Specialist, and now Security Manager/Instructor.

Some Certifications Include:

-Army Basic Level Combative Instructor 1

-Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (C-UAS) Course

-NRA Refuse to be a Victim (RTBAV) Instructor

-NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

-NRA RSO Certified

-Rappel Master Instructor

-Guard 1 (unarmed) & Guard 2 (armed) Certified

-Basic, Advanced, and SIGNIT RTO (Brushbeater)

-Phase 1 & 2 Recondo Graduate

-Tracking Level 1 certified

-Stop the Bleed

-TTI Pistol and Carbine Level 1 & 2

-Advance Pistol and Carbine Level 1& 2


-Basic Self Defense Level 1

-Able Tactical Basic Pistol

-Concealed Firearms Course

-Use and Employment of Non-Lethal

Guest Instructors

TTI hosts a variety of guest instructors with the goal of offering Wyoming the most advanced and cutting edge training opportunities. 

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