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Class Registration and Payment

No seat is guaranteed-reserved for any student until they have paid the tuition in full for the class they wish to attend. Registration is to be completed by the student TWO DAYS before the First day of class to ensure that course materials, certificates and related items are ready for each student. As classes fill up quickly, ONLINE RIGISTRATION & PAYMENT is the ONLY option to GUARANTEE a place in class.

Payments Options

Payment online (Credit Card or Paypal) guarantees a reservation for class.  All payments are refundable 72 hours prior to class (minus material costs and 30 cents PayPal charges us for refunds).  We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover cards.
A Paypal account is NOT required.  If you wish to pay by cash or check, please call the office (307) 486-2336 for additional information.



Civilian Training

Women's Self Defense Level 1- 1 Day

Women's Pistol Level 1- 1 Day

Women's Pistol Level 2- 1 Day

Women's Rifle Level 1 -1 Day

Women's Rifle Level 2- 1 Day

Self- Defense Pistol and Rifle Level 1- 1 Day

Self-Defense Pistol and Rifle Level 2- 1 Day

Low Light/ No Light Pistol & Rifle-1 Day

Wyoming Concealed Firearms Permit- 1 Day

Human Trafficking Awareness- 1 Day

Basic Medical Training- 1 Day

Executive Protection-2 Days

Security Guard Level 1 (unarmed)- 1 Day

Security Guard Level 2 (Armed)- 1 Day

Rappelling- 1 Day

Rappel Master Certification- 3 Days

Summer Wilderness Survival-1 Day

Land Navigation (Day/Night)-1 Day

Winter Wilderness Survival- 1 Day

NRA Basic Pistol- 1 Day

NRA Range Safety Officer-1 Day

NRA Personal Protection in the Home- 1 Day

NRA Refuse to be a Victim- 1 Day

AR-15 Build Course-1 Day

Couples Training (Date Night with a Gun) *Dinner Included*- 1 Day

Tracking For Search and Rescue-1 Day/Custom

Tactical Courses

Recondo I- 7 Days

Recondo II- 7 Days

Recondo III- 8 Days

Winter RECONDO-7 Days

Tactical Pistol Level 1- 1 Day

Tactical Pistol Level 2- 1 Day

Tactical Carbine Level 1- 1 Day

Tactical Carbine Level 2- 1 Day

Precision Rifle- 1 Day

Tactical Shotgun- 1 Day

Low Light/ No Light Carbine- 1 Evening

Low Light/ No Light Pistol- 1 Evening

Military/LE Rappelling- 1 Day

Military/LE Rappel Master- 3 Days

Urban Operations- 2 Day

Patrolling Operations - 1 Day

CBRN Defense- 1 day

Survival Course (Summer) - 3 Days

Survival Course (Winter)- 3 Days

Explosive Handlers Course - 3 Days

Convoy Operations Course - 1 Day

Surveillance Detection -2 Day

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC )- 3 Days

Tracking for Military/ Law Enforcement- 5 Days


USCCA Courses

**USCCA Courses TBA**

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