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tactical training firearms NFA Wyoming


TTI provides NRA certified instruction by NRA certified instructors.  Our NRA specific instruction consists of the following courses:

  • Eddie Eagle (childrens firearms safety)

  • Pistol

  • Rifle

  • Shotgun

  • Reloading

  • Range Safety Officer

  • Personal Protection in the Home

  • Personal Protection Outside of the Home

  • Refuse to be a Victim

All NRA courses are open to the public regardless of your NRA member status.  Course participants receive all NRA training materials in thier particular area of study.  NRA certification is provided to those who successfully complete the training course.  Attendance to a NRA training course does not guarantee completion.  Please fully review each course for required equipment, skills and certification requirements.  For additional information, please contact Brian at (307) 486-2336.


TTI's core curriculum consists of both basic and advanced tactical skills and provides realistic, cutting edge learning experiences for all participants; beginners or experts alike.  Our courses meet or exceed similar courses provided by the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the National Rifle Association (NRA).  We are a current training provider for US SOCOM, DHS and the DoS.  Our course offerings include:

  • Basic and Advanced firearms Training

  • Basic and Advanced Security / PSD Training

  • Mountain Warfare

  • Intelligence and Advanced HUMINT Training

  • Tactics and battlefield survivability

  • Offensive and Defensive Driving

  • Explosive Breaching

  • Non-Standard Foreign Weapons


Our custom courses are not "Cookie Cutter" training opportunities.  Each course is specifically designed to ensure that the training end-state meets the Mission Essential Tasks that our students or supported organizations require.  Should you have a specific training goal in mind that is not covered within our core course curriculum, our training specialists will work with you and/or your organization to develop a training venue that will meet or exceed your requirements.  Please contact TTI to discuss our custom course options that are available to you.


TTI provides both core courses and custom courses for private/small groups and local LE or Federal Governmental organizations.  The are considered "CLOSED" courses and are not advertised for general participation.  Please contact Brian at (307) 486-2336 to discuss any of our private or governmental training opportunities.

Disclaimer:  Tactical Training International is a training center that specializes in specialty and defensive shooting techniques. We have no affiliation with, nor do we promote or encourage, any subversive or quasi-subversive entities or acts against the United States of America or against the American People, inside or outside of U.S. borders.  Any and all instruction and training conducted by Tactical Training International is done in accordance with Federal, State and Local Laws. Tactical Training International does not and will not train any foreign or domestic entity(ies) that could pose a threat to, or has denounced the United States of America.

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